Why Trucking Accidents Are So Common

When a commercial truck accident occurs, there’s a good chance that it will result if fatalities simply because of the vehicle size. It’s an unfortunate reality that happens far too often. What seems to further exacerbate the issue is that commercial truck drivers tend to work a lot of hours and often do so without a lot of sleep. This means they are navigating a commercial vehicle without an appropriate amount of rest, which is problematic There are many trucking accidents lawyer houma la. Some drivers believe they were obligated to stay on the road in order to meet deadlines.

What is clear about accidents involving commercial trucks is that a small traffic infraction can cause major damage. Something as simple as not signaling when changing lanes can lead to another driver losing their life, especially if the commercial truck is an eighteen-wheel vehicle. A common act that causes commercial vehicle accidents is failing to properly merge from one lane to another. The reason why this is so dangerous is because it might cause the commercial truck driver to brake abruptly, which puts so many other drivers on the road in danger.

Another issue that can cause a major problem is not slowing down in time when the speed of traffic ahead has slowed down. The amount of time it takes a large commercial truck to slow down is not the same as a regular size vehicle. While these are the types of issues that happen frequently, there are underlying reasons why they occur. As previously mentioned, some drivers believe they did not have a choice and had to continue driving in order to accommodate the schedule. Many drivers say they felt there would be consequences if they did not continue driving to their destination, even when they had been driving for more than 24 hours.

It’s often reported that insufficient training has been the culprit and the reason why a driver did not respond appropriately on the road. Some drivers feel they did not fully understand what’s required for defensive driving the road, among other requirements and techniques. There have been widespread concerns about the pervasive issue of unrealistic expectations that are placed on drivers, which results in a higher number of accidents. Despite safety concerns while on the road, many drivers continue to stay employed because of limited opportunities, which causes them to feel stuck in a bad situation.

The unfortunate reality is that even when a driver voices their concerns and then the issue causes an accident, they are still held responsible for what has happened. Sometimes this includes the loss of life. While the company for which they are employed will also own part of the responsibility for the accident, that doesn’t mean the driver won’t need legal representation because they will be charged based on the infraction and any lives that may have been lost. It’s an unfortunate situation for all involved and many believe the industry needs to be more closely regulated.